Student Testimonials

“I like school because we don’t have to sit at desks all day.  Everything is hands-on and no one has to sit and listen to a teacher chatter and chatter about things they don’t understand.  Also, we can work where we want and don’t have to be uncomfortable.  I love Art… it’s one of my favorite things in school.  My favorite thing about art is that we can choose what we do and how we do it.  No grades or right or wrong.  Art is fun, we can express what we are feeling or thinking without saying anything at all.”
– Lauren

“I like Math because of all the different things you can do with it when you do it hands-on.  Long division is my favorite because it is challenging and fun.  I like how in Montessori it’s hands-on, it really helps to be able to actually touch the math you’re doing.  I like Art because I like to be creative.  When we do art at Montessori I like to do clay and abstract.”

“I’m glad that I’m at this school.  Her are some things that I like.  I like being able to choose what I can do .  I like SRA’s because it is a good learning exercise and there are different levels and I like trying to get to a higher level.  Another thing is being able to sit wherever I want because sometimes I want to sit with my friends, but if I’m not getting my work done I can move so I can finish my goals.”

“I like woodworking because I like learning about and using cool tools.  I also like making gifts for my family and holidays.  I like working with awesome wood.  I like not having to sit in a boring desk because I like mixing up where I sit.  I really like working on the floor.”

“What I like about MESA is that we get to talk to our friends when we are working.  I like that we get to sit anywhere.  My favorite place to sit is in the Library because it’s really quiet.  I like that we get to have snack with our friends.  I really like my school because it’s different than other schools.  My favorite work to do is Math.  I like math because we get lessons in small groups or by yourself.”

“One of my favorite things about MESA is that we can sit on couches.  We get to do our work on couches, and when we read out loud we can knit on the couches.  Another thing I love about my school is that there is no homework.  Maria Montessori believed that kids go to school for six hours a day and the kids should have free time at home.”

” Art lets you feel you feelings through paper, clay and making bracelets and so many more things too.  I like how your art can look crazy and still make sense.  In art you can make mistakes and it won’t matter because it does not have to be perfect no matter what.  I really like that at MESA you can move around from rug, table, desk, couch and so many more places.  It let me feel like I have more freedom.”

-“I like MESA because everybody knows each other.  If somebody new comes to the school, it’s everybody’s goal to get to know them.  If someone talks to you, it’s nice to know the person who’s talking to you.  I also like MESA because you can choose who you work with and where you work.  In most normal schools, you sit in a desk and can’t socialize with your friends, but at MESA you can talk while you work and have lots of choices.”

“I like when we all sit in the circle as a big group.  During work-time I like that we can do our work wherever we want and with whoever we want.  Another thing I like about MESA is hat we don’t have an order of work.  We come to school and start our own work.  I like that we have Dailies and long-term goals.”

“I really like the teaching style that MESA uses because it lets you work at your own pace.  Also, if you don’t understand something, the teachers help you understand it.  I also really love how you don’t have to be at the same level as everyone else.”

“I like MESA because the teachers always know what level you’re on.  I also like that other people can help you with your work.  I like that everybody knows each other and whenever there’s a new student, at least 2 people hang out with them.  I think that it’s good that people know each other because you can ask your friends for help.  If you know everybody, there’s a bigger chance for people to make more friends.”

“When you arrive with a warm “Hello”.  When it’s time for work, it’s truly an adventure!  In the land of reading, your mind grows so big with knowledge.  Art is where sculptures are made and creativity lifts off! Art class is a wonder  with colors and smiles throughout the class.”

“I like MESA because there is hands on learning.  I like hands on learning because it’s easier to understand. I also like it better because  it’s a better way for the teacher to be friends with the students.  I also like MESA because there is no homework.  I’m glad there’s no homework because when you are at home you should be able to hang out with your family.”

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