Parent Testimonials


“Full of excitement and enthusiasm”

There is something to be said when every morning our child is full of excitement & enthusiasm when thinking of her day and what “works” she wants to accomplish.

The MESA staff puts so much energy and thought into the classroom to keep the kids engaged in new findings and for the classroom to function & flow most efficiently.

Our daughter thrives in the Montessori environment because she is internally motivated and finds the environment to be a vehicle that allows her to explore and learn freely while achieving her goals. The “works” are set up for success and the children truly learn the concepts by using manipulatives and a sequencing manner vs. a memorizing style.



“Fosters love of learning”

What made us choose MESA?

1) Feeling good about where we send our child to spend a major portion of his day superseded the financial considerations.

2) We realized diversity is only beneficial if it fosters a mutual respect and understanding between individuals. While MESA may not have as broad a spectrum of individuals [as bigger schools], you promote acceptance and respect for different cultures and ideas. Unfortunately, public school exposed Xander to different groups of people but it was not always a positive experience. We quickly realized that bigger is definitely not better.

3) We feared Xander would lose his love of learning. The “one size fits all” approach to learning and the fractured work time limited his ability to explore his curiosities. At home we have always followed Xander’s interests. It is like a window opening… he may show an interest in reading or science experiments and we explore it further. It finally clicked how much we loved the Montessori approach.

Now our son learns at his own pace without being limited by a one-size-fits-all approach to education that he experienced in public school. He loves having extended uninterrupted time to explore the Montessori works. He enjoys working with his peers to master new ideas. We are grateful to have MESA. Sending our child to an environment each day that fosters his love of learning while promoting respect and understanding of others is invaluable.



“Nurturing natural curiosity”

MESA is a very special place. We love the calming, centered manner of the staff members and we are happy to leave Noah in a place where he feels safe and loved. Montessori is a wonderful fit for our son because it respects his learning pace while nurturing his own natural curiosity and self-motivation. Really, we couldn’t ask for a better place for him! It is our hope that MESA will continue to grow along with Noah in the years to come – and that we will continue to be a part of the school’s wonderful community here in Asheville.


“Joy and respect for children”

We can’t say enough about how happy we all are to be a part of your school. We could write pages recommending it.

We love MESA. Since our son has started at MESA he has gained confidence in himself and his ability to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. He looks forward to going to school and learning every day. This is a strong Montessori elementary promoting the core values of intellectual and emotional well-being necessary for success and happiness in life. We have felt the joy and respect for children from the staff since the moment we first observed in the classroom. It is such a pleasure for us to pick up our son from school and see him along with all the other students and staff with big smiles on their faces. The quality of work he brings home along with his depth of knowledge learned while at MESA are outstanding. We highly recommend MESA. It may be the reason we make a permanent move to Asheville.


“An uplifting happy place”

During the 2010-2011 school year, our now 7 year-old / 2nd grade son was at another private school that was not working for him. While the academics seemed strong there, his emotional well being was suffering from a rigid teaching style and unfriendly environment, and he was acting out as class clown. We chanced upon MESA and switched our son during 1st grade even though he had never studied in a Montessori classroom.

And how are things going? Well, for the first time since our son started pre-school, we feel at peace with his school. The flexibility of the Montessori style, and Shaun Gerson’s training, experience, and just plain keen sense of what a child needs, what a boy needs, and what our particular child needs, are key factors. It is an uplifting, happy place with a true respect and understanding of children, both boys and girls, and an approach to teaching that imparts self-ownership and a desire for learning. The other families are friendly and share similar goals. Our son appears to be progressing beautifully. His academics seem strong, he loves school, he has friends, and his emotional wounds are healing well.

And, because of our positive experience, we have since started our 3 year old daughter at a Montessori school as well. Thank you MESA, thank you Shaun, Henry, Mindy, Liz, Jess, baby Amelia, and all the MESA families that have welcomed us in. It is undoubtedly worth the commute!

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