Special Subjects


Our Art program is a comprehensive course, cover all aspects of art.  Students learn about famous artists, styles, art history, color usage, etc.  We use every possible medium, including paints, waxes, papers, charcoals, pastels, foam, fabric & clay.


In a Montessori classroom, children are free to use their voices and move their bodies in a respectful way throughout the day.  Our Music program offers the children of MESA a unique avenue of creativity with their voices and instruments.  Students are taught different types of music, cultural dances, traditional songs, scales, warm-up activities and engage in cooperative activities.  The teachers also tie in the written musical piece, and the students are taught staffs & musical notations.  Our Music program always culminates with a special performance at the end of each semester.


Unique to MESA, our woodworking class offers students the experience of creating useful and decorative items with wood.  Teachers emphasize proper safety measures and equipment usage at the beginning of all lessons to ensure a safe environment.  Our workshop is thoroughly equipped with child-sized tools, workbenches and safety equipment.  Our curriculum includes: wood as a natural resource, conservation, reforestation, tools, hardware, measurement & safety.  Students are taught proper usage of the 7 basic hand tools and the utility of simple machines.  We build everything from bird houses and rock sifters to wooden robots, sailboats, toys, games & gifts.


Our Spanish & ASL program is designed to expose the students to a foreign language in a fun and inviting way.  In class, we sing and sign Spanish songs, learn basic vocabulary, practice conversational phrases and play Spanish games.


Our Movement/Health/Physical Education program is a time when the students learn to explore and discover how their bodies move.  It incorporates important skills such as balance, coordination, agility, aerobic endurance, strength & flexibility, all while utilizing good listening, visual and teamwork skills. Through imaginative play, partner-oriented and team-building activities, we emphasize the joy and freedom of exercise as a healthy and integral component of everyday life.  Through education of basic anatomy and nutrition, the children gain a sense of responsibility over their bodies and heighten their awareness of themselves in their environments.  This ‘mind-body wisdom’ helps children move their bodies correctly, without placing undue stress on their joints and tissues.  This knowledge helps engrain sound movement patterns so they can transfer the skills learned in class to an organized sport or other physical activity of their choosing, with a reduced chance of injury.  Of course our main goal is to have FUN!


We put our classroom kitchen to use every week as the students take turns creating tasty dishes to share with the MESA community.  Students are taught how to follow a recipe, measure properly, prepare the food and present it in an appealing way.

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