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Upper Elementary News – 5/11/17  ________________________________________________________________________

 Imaginary Island

 The Upper Elementary classroom is buzzing with the talk of imaginary islands! The Imaginary Island is a traditional Montessori project that can either be done at the Lower or Upper level. The kids have been completely engrossed for the last few weeks!17991396_10154581613706588_5708510764589542872_o.jpg

The first leg of the project consisted of choosing a location for their island and plotting it on a world atlas. They then began their research on surrounding land forms to find out what climate and biomes their island would have. They then carefully drew a master map, complete with a compass rose (at right), which we photocopied for them. Then our young cartographers set about the task of creating a complete picture of what their island is like.


We had a lesson on elevation maps (see photos), as well as a refresher on biomes. Elevation maps proved to be challenging, but with a little practice the kids were able to produce accurate maps. Biomes continue to fascinate the kids, and they love researching how plants and animals interact with the surrounding environment to create a complete ecosystem.

Recently they have started going more in depth to the plant life of their islands, using field guides and websites to sketch pictures of all the different plants. This reminds us of the painstaking drawings they did during their bird research earlier in the year. It is thrilling to watch the excitement with which these children explore and deepen their connection with the natural world. This is science study in its purest form: they tackle these drawing with such seriousness and precision that they could easily be producing their own field guide! We are excited to send home these final projects in the next couple of weeks!18011017_10154584299886588_7241473271743052202_n.jpg


Cara Beth & Henry

P.S. Thank you for all of your kind words and deeds this week. It is wonderful to appreciated for something you already love doing!