Homeschool Enrichment

Homeschool Hybrid / Enrichment Program

MESA’s Homeschool Enrichment Program provides community and collaboration for homeschool students. It will allow your child the opportunity to use Montessori materials for a deeper understanding of core subjects as well as Art, Music, Woodworking, etc.  We are committed to providing a quality educational experience with each enrolled child’s parent or guardian ultimately being responsible for the academic growth of the child. MESA is not responsible for any testing, evaluation or diagnosis of the child. Family and lead teacher will serve as a partnership for the child and communication will be facilitated through conferences and semester progress reports.  

All policies in the Parent Handbooks apply to students in our Homeschool Enrichment program. 

All families must show documentation of enrollment in a registered Homeschool Program under a parent or guardian care. Proof of this must be shown during the enrollment process at MESA.

All potential students must complete our Admissions Process, including an Application,  Student Visitation Day and Tuition Agreement upon acceptance.

Consistency is vital to a Montessori classroom community. All enrolled students are expected to attend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week, from 8:15am until 2:45pm.  

Homeschool Families are expected to commit to attend MESA for the year-long contract.

Homeschool Enrichment Program – Tuition & Fees

Yearly  = $4,610 – Due June 1st

Semester  = $2,329 – Due August 1st & January 1st

Monthly  = $475 –  Due the 1st of each month (August-May)

Homeschool Option:

  • A $400 deposit is required to hold your child’s space in the program.
  • A discount of 3% is applied to the yearly balance (after deposit)for those who choose the One Full Payment if paid in full by July 1st.
  • A discount of 2% is applied to the yearly balance (after deposit) for those who choose Semester Payments if paid by August 1st and July 1st
  • A 5% discount is automaticly applied to the tuition of siblings (2nd child’s tuiiton only)
  • Monthly Payments are due on the first of each month. A late fee of $30 is added after the 10th of each month.