Health and Physical Education

Our Health / Physical Education program is a time where the students learn to explore and discover how their bodies move.  It incorporates important skills such as balance, coordination, agility, aerobic endurance, strength & flexibility, all while utilizing good listening, visual and teamwork skills.  Through imaginative play, partner-oriented and team-building activities we emphasize the joy and freedom of exercise as a healthy and integral component of everyday life.  Through education of basic anatomy and nutrition, the children gain a sense of responsibility over their physical bodies and heighten their awareness of themselves in their external, as well as their internal environments.  This ‘mind-body wisdom’ helps children move their bodies correctly, without placing undue stress on their joints and tissues.  This knowledge helps engrain sound movement patterns so they can transfer the skills learned in class to an organized sport or other physical activity of their choosing, with a reduced chance of injury.  Of course our main goal is to have FUN!

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