Elementary Classroom

Elementary 1 Class (ages 6-9) (grades 1-3)

Kat Taylor – Lead Teacher

Originally hailing from Germany, Kat’s childhood was spent globetrotting with her small, military family.  At a very young age, she got to experience the art, food, architecture and traditions of many different cultures, and was appreciative of every moment she spent traveling with her family.  She settled into North Carolina, after her father retired in Raleigh, and fell in love the the Appalachian Mountains.  She attended UNCA, where she received a degree in Art, and quickly discovered that forcing creativity for cash was not her calling.  She delights in exploring many career avenues, including veterinary technician, nanny and working with the special needs population.  Having heard of the Montessori philosophy before, teaching had been on her back burner for many years until the fates would have her working as a one-on-one worker with a student at MESA.  Instantly, she fell in love with not only the philosophy, but the school itself.  This fueled her decision to enter a MACTE accredited teacher certification program for both upper and lower elementary, from the Center for Guided Montessori Studies.  She holds an Elementary I & II (ages 6-12, grades 1-6) Montessori Certification.  She shares her wealth of knowledge in the fields of biology, environmental science and social science.

In her time away from the classroom, Kat enjoys exploring and foraging with her dog in these beautiful mountains (mushrooms are among her favorite finds).  During warm months, she is an avid gardener and wildlife rehabilitator, with Winter brings time for painting, drawing, reading and fiber arts.