Our School

Characteristics of Montessori Elementary School of Asheville

  • Classroom environment is furnished with manipulative learning materials designed by Maria Montessori to promote a multi-sensorial learning experience.
  • Areas of the elementary classroom include: Math, Geometry, Language, Foreign Language, Reading/Library, Science, Geography and History.
  • Students choose and pursue their own self-paced curriculum which promotes confidence and independence.
  • Students have freedom of movement within the classroom; working at tables or on rugs, individually or in small groups.
  • Daily schedule allows for a long, uninterrupted period of work-time which allows in-depth exploration and fosters concentration and attention span.
  • Completed work holds value to the child’s self-motivation, achievements and autonomy.
  • Classroom is comprised of children ranging in age from six to twelve years old, (1st through 3rd grade is Lower El., 4th through 6th grade is Upper El.) by which they are able to work cooperatively, learning from peers as well as self-correcting materials.
  • Teacher acts as a guide/director, following a peace education curriculum encouraging positive choices and promoting grace & courtesy.