Dr. Maria Montessori’s Vision

Maria Montessori spoke of the power of the child ultimately to regenerate humanity and transform the environment.  She called this potential the “secret of childhood”.  She envisioned a future of universal brotherhood, when man’s mission would be to know, love and serve.

She developed a process of education that is attuned to the child’s inner drives, that promotes the beneficial interaction of the child and his surroundings, and that leads to the child’s mastery of himself and his enviroment.

She believed that this process can develop children who are confident, competent, self-disciplined, spiritually strong, and thus, be able to work cooperatively for the benefit of society.  She believed that such children would lead directly to the creation of a better world.

Montessori Elementary School of Asheville wholeheartedly shares Dr. Montessori’s vision, and believes that its realization is more vital today than ever before.