Geology / Lapidary

North Carolina is the most mineral-rich of all the 50 states.  Older students of MESA (Erdkinder & Upper El.) explore the many facets of this unique, natural world.

1) Geology – students learn the formation of rocks and minerals, history of the earth and dating techniques along with general classification.

2) Rockhound -  students learn the geographic locations of minerals in WNC, navigate geological maps, hunt for minerals, use rock tools and learn general identification techniques.

3) Chemistry – students study the composition of minerals via the Periodic Table of Elements and learn testing  and advanced identification techniques.

4) Lapidary – students work with specific lapidary (stone cutting) tools to cut, shape, facet, smooth & polish material.  Students also learn wire wrapping and setting for jewelry.

This year-long curriculum aims to have students research locations, hunt for minerals, gather material, clean & polish them, cut and shape them and then prepare them for jewelry or display.

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