Referral Program

MESA Referral Incentive Program

We are so grateful for you! 

Goal of Referral Incentive: 

  • To increase enrollment by rewarding those in our community who help identify other like minded families who may be a good fit at MESA.
  • To reach out to supporters and strengthen family relationships, building our community up with positive children and parents. 
  • Encourage conversation about MESA throughout the community. 

 Referral Incentive Program Terms:

  1. Referral program is open to all current and past MESA Families.
  2. The full incentive of $200 applies to the referral of current families referring new families to MESA. 
  3. Former MESA families will receive a $100 award per referral. 
  4. Referrals can not be made retroactively. 
  5. If a family enters MESA and is referred by two families, the discount will be split between both of them. 
  6. Each referral will award the referring family $200 each. Example- if you refer 2 families you will receive a $400 discount and so on up to $1000. 
  7. Referring families who have already paid in full can choose to have their discount applied for the following year or to receive a check. 
  8. Regular enrollment process is still required. (Tour, Application and Visitation Day, enrollment decision made by MESA.) 
  9. All referrals will be awarded upon enrollment and after two months attendance and tuition payment.