We at Montessori Elementary School of Asheville (MESA), share in the true Montessori philosophy and feel that we honor Maria Montessori’s vision for education.  We are an American Montessori Society Full Member School comprised of community oriented families, enthusiastic learners and an experienced staff of Montessori Certified teachers.  Our classrooms honor the whole child: fostering cooperation, self direction and mutual respect for all living things.

Through hands-on experience, freedom of movement and multi-age environments, students of MESA will learn subjects such as; Math, Geometry, Science, Language, Research Skills, History & Geography.  In addition, we also offer Special subjects which include; Art, Music, Woodworking, Creative Movement and Foreign Language.

Due to MESA’s unique structure as an Elementary-only school, students who have previous Montessori experience will have the first opportunity to enroll for the upcoming school-year.  If you are interested in having your child attend MESA, please contact the office to begin the Admissions Process.  Spaces are limited for new students and applications will be taken in the order in which they are received.